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Melinda Conway

Portland, Oregon based Photographer. Lifestyle and Documentary.

Family, Weddings, Seniors, Infants and Maternity.

I am a homeschooling mamma of three with a lot of experience in capturing moving targets. I love photographing light and emotions. To me, photography is magic and soul. I take pictures everyday even when I do not have clients.  I take pictures of everything and anyone from any angle or trick.


I have always had a passion for photography/art and writing. I started taking pictures when I was eleven and have been writing in a journal since I was eight. (I also have at times painted which I think has been an influence upon my photographic art.) Growing up, I was a daydreamer-introvert, only child. I have degrees in English Education and Counseling. Before having my children, I taught middle school, and worked as a Program Therapist. My children now come first as long as they need me, but I try to balance that with being true to myself as well.


Stretching my limits and striving to improve is what it is all about.

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